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    Computer IT Waste Cambridge

    Computer IT Waste is an IT recycling firm offering data disposal and recycling services to different organizations based in Cambridge. Our services are open for all educational institutions, offices, businesses, hospitals, government and non-government organisations. Computer IT Waste Cambridge is a green solution for all of your old electronics that you want to get rid of. 

    Safe Computer Disposal and Data Destruction

    Your security is our first priority and that is the reason behind secure IT waste data shredding. We need to make sure that all of your information is erased from the hard drives and other equipment. Printers, sometimes, keep a copy of the printed data and sending it off for recycling can be a threat to your sensitive data. At Computer IT Waste, we make sure to destroy the data before we start working on recycling and disposal.  

    We have a transparent process following the WEEE directive to maintain trust of our customers. We create compete audit reports, data trail and hardware testing services as well. Here at Computer IT Waste Cambridge, we offer IT Asset Management services and lease returns to help you make informed decisions. This will save you from wasting more electronics by buying only what is essential and investing in the right products. Our team offers professional IT recycling services to keep the environment clean and green.

    Recyclable IT Equipment at Computer IT Waste

    At Computer IT Waste Cambridge, we offer IT recycling services for all kinds of equipment in Cambridge. Here is a list of the items that can be recycled at Computer IT Waste:

    Our Services Include

    Computer IT Waste Services in Leicester

    Computer IT Waste Leicester offers eco-friendly data destruction and IT disposal services in your locality. We offer IT waste recycling and computer disposal Leicester for various equipment. Computer IT Waste offers certified and value-added services for your firm to deal with your old electronics. 

    Booking of IT Recycling Services Cambridge

    We offer collection from all around Cambridge to make it easier for firms and offices to get rid of their old electronics in the most environmentally friendly manner. All you need to do is to book our services by calling our representative or reaching out to us through our email or website. You can choose the place of collection and our team will reach the location on the given time to give you a hassle-free service