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    Computer Recycling Peterborough

    For a professional and efficient IT recycling service, look no further than Computer IT Waste Recycling Peterborough. With a large number of electronic waste disposal in the area, you can find eco-friendly computer recycling services to suit your needs. 

    We offer an extensive range of services to help you recycle all types of electrical goods including computers and laptops. We offer other services such as IT asset management, auditing and reporting.

    Secure Data Destruction Services
    Secure Data Destruction Services

    Secure Data Destruction Services

    The secure computer waste disposal Peterborough services along with data destruction provides you with a green solution. All your data is safe with us as we also offer you a data destruction proof certificate. Recycling computers and monitors is easier than ever with Computer IT Wase Recycling. 

    The IT equipment will be brought to our facility in a GPS-tracked vehicle and will be subject to IT recycling services. You can book data destruction services for your electronics if there is sensitive information available.

    Recyclable IT Equipment at Computer IT Waste

    At Computer IT Waste Peterborough, we offer IT recycling services for all kinds of equipment in Peterborough. Here is a list of the items that can be recycled at Computer IT Waste:

    E-Waste Recycling Peterborough

    We believe that every business should take responsibility for their own environment by reducing waste and recycling where possible. Our staff will be able to provide you with the highest quality IT recycling Peterborough service at all times. 

    E-Waste Recycling Peterborough

    Here is how our IT recycling process goes:

    E-Waste Recycling Peterborough
    E-Waste Recycling Peterborough

    Why Computer IT Waste Recycling Peterborough?

    Computer recycling Peterborough services by Computer IT Waste Recycling is the right choice for you. Here are a few reasons why:

    Recyclable IT Equipment at
    Computer IT Waste

    We recycle several IT equipment at our facility including the following: