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    We, at Computer IT Waste, aim to deliver state-of-the-art IT recycling and data shredding services throughout the UK. Working in partnership with the Environmental Agency, our mission is to promote eco-friendly data shredding and recycling of electronic devices.
    Given below are some of the authentic steps which help us make our e-waste management services stand out in the crowded UK market.

    Keeping Up with the Trends

    We follow the key rule, i.e.” to go with the latest market trends”. In this fast-paced world, we see the emergence of new equipment, devices, and methods almost every day. So, we go by with what is in vogue. We continue extending the range of our IT equipment. Our experts are also keen to carve out new methods of WEEE recycling. 

    Using Eco-Friendly Recycling Processes

    As mentioned, we want to promote the green UK, so we are committed to following all directives to carry out eco-friendly processing of IT equipment. 

    Ensuring Data Protection and Privacy

    Our clients’ data protection is one of our top priorities. We strictly follow GDPR to ensure optimum data security for our clients.

    Onsite and Offsite Data Shredding

    We want to keep our customers at ease, so our services are both–onsite and offsite. For this, we have a portable data shredding machine at our warehouse.

    We are a Call Away!

    We are determined to ensure fast, efficient, and secure collection of your redundant IT equipment.