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Avoid These Mistakes When Disposing Of Old Mobile Phones

It is no secret that many of us feel tempted to get our hands the new device every time smartphone giants release the newer versions of their much sought-after mobile phones. After all, we are only humans, right? Although coveting upgraded gadgets is no sin, frequent changing of phones at such a mass scale is causing the emergence of e-waste problem which requires disposing of old mobile phones.

But why? Well, here is the bitter reality check. BBC reported that according to WEEE estimates, around 5.3 billion mobile phones were thrown out across the globe in the year 2022. On top of that, cybercrimes are on the rise too. This necessitates taking certain measures while disposing of old mobile phones to protect your data and the planet.

This blog will discuss the major mistakes people make while disposing of old mobile phones that can put their personal, financial, and environmental safety at risk. Dive in to know more.

The environmental cost of improperly disposing of old mobile phones

Production of a large number of mobile phones poses a problem because it directly exacerbates the generation of electronic waste and its associated impacts if proper phone recycling is not carried out.

Here is how e-waste threatens the habitat and the inhabitants of the world:

  • Incorrect disposing of old mobile phones release toxic gases into the air and impairs its quality.
  • Chemical substances seep into the land and finally contaminate the water sources.
  • Upon entering the human body, toxic substances cause respiratory problems, cognitive impairments, fertility issues, and cancer.

That is why experts claim that e waste recycling uk is in our own benefit and must be carries out responsibly.

Mistakes to avoid while disposing of old mobiles

Following are the oversights you need to look out for while giving away your mobiles or recycling old phones.

1. Not backing up valuable data

Not backing up valuable information while recycling mobile phones can result in you losing important data such as photos, documents, contacts, messages, and different account credentials. Therefore, to avoid losing data, you should back it up to an external card.

2. Not logging out from all accounts

It is very important that you sign out of all the accounts, be them email accounts, social media accounts, or drive accounts while disposing of old mobile phones. In this way, no third-party can access your information without your consent. Unauthorised access may result in identity thefts, information thefts, and financial frauds.

3. Not destroying or removing memory cards

Your memory card, in case your old phone had one, needs to be destroyed or removed before mobile phone recycling because your data can be used against you for extortion or committing illegal acts. This can naturally land you in legal controversies.

4. Not doing factory resets

People often forget to do factory resets before disposing of old mobile phones. This step is important because it is what makes your data irretrievable. Factory reset option can be found in the ‘Settings’ option of your phone. You can use it to permanently erase all the data from your device before you recycle old mobile phones.

5. Not exploring upgrade or trade-in programmes

There are some great options that you can explore when you start thinking about what to do with old mobile phones. The first one is trade-in programmes offered by various manufacturers. These initiatives allow you to return your old mobile to the company and get credit for a new one.

Upgrade programmes involve swapping old gadgets with gift cards. Big brand such as Samsung and Apple offer such options to their customers. Such arrangements play an instrumental role in reducing e-waste generation during disposing of old mobile phones.

6. Ignoring accessories during disposal

A mobile phone comes with some accessories such as a charger, some cables, and cases. Responsible disposing of old mobile phones requires recycling these accessories along with your phone set.

7. Not improvising

Another common mistake is not improvising before you throw away your old phone or arrange for phones recycling uk. Here the word ‘improvising’ means repurposing your old phone to make it serve a new purpose. For instance, you can turn your phone into a security surveillance device, use it as an exclusive mp3 player, or transform it into a remote-control device.

8. Not recycling your phone

The biggest mistake made by the owners, undoubtedly, is failing to recycle broken phones. Why? Because this crucial step largely determines whether your old phone is going to litter the environment and ruin public health or play a part in curbing the problem of electronic waste.

Phones recycling uk allows you to get rid of your end-of-life phone sets in an environmentally-friendly manner. By doing safe recycling, you not only promote environmental sustainability but also ensure compliance with national regulations and protection of your data privacy. Therefore, you must consider e-waste recycling before while disposing of old mobile phones.


In a nutshell, uninformed decisions regarding disposing of old mobile phones often lead people to make serious mistakes that can cost them much. The oversights can be about failing to wipe data clean or forgetting to recycle old gadgets lying around in the house.

If you are wondering “Where is the best electronics recycling near me?” feel free to get in touch with Computer IT Waste Recycling centre in your locality. Talk with our recycling experts and get rid of your old mobile phones in a responsible and secure manner.


How do I permanently delete all data from my phone?

Before disposing of old mobile phones, delete all the data from your device by doing factory reset. This will erase all or the data stored in the mobile phone.

How to get rid of old phones?

You can either repurpose the old phones, resell the, donate the, give them away in take-back programmes, or send them to a certified recycling centre where they are destroyed and reused by the recycler.

Should I remove SIM card before donating phone?

Yes, you should remove the sim card before giving away your phone. This is because your sim may contain Personally Identifiable Data such as your contacts and photos. By removing the sim, you can also use it in your new mobile phone.