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Can Local Recycling Programs Help in Protecting the Environment?

Every responsible citizen is thinking of ways for protecting the environment because the accelerated climate change is leaving the planet in a vulnerable position. Rephrasing Barack Obama, our generation is the first one to face the consequences of climate change and the last one who can do something about it.

Tons of waste are pouring into landfills and the UK government aims at recycling around 65% of the waste. Such goals are really important to bring focus to the deteriorating environment but every individual has to play their part for a real impact.

Ideas for Protecting the Environment

Climate change is a serious threat to our environment and requires commitment and dedication from everyone. The question is, how to save and protect the environment as an individual?

Here we have some ideas for you to play your part towards protecting the environment.

1. Go Sustainable

Sustainability goes a long way when you talk about steps for protecting the environment. It is not an act but a lifestyle and applies to every walk of life. From composting your food waste to recycling your electronics, every step counts. Make smart choices and purchase lesser but better. Quality goes a long way, so make sure to look for long-lasting products when shopping.

2. Plant as many trees as you can

The greenery of trees not only produces oxygen for us to breathe, but also absorbs extra carbon from the environment back into the soil. This is the best way to reverse the carbon emission caused by human activities that is harming the ozone layer.

3. Volunteer for cleanups

If you see any cleanup campaigns going on in your community, make sure to offer your services. Every piece of trash you pick up makes a difference. It’s the little efforts like this that eventually lead to greener society. It not just cleans the surrounding but also develops awareness among the community.

4. Educate yourself

Recycling campaigns around your neighborhood are a tool for educating the society about the harms of little acts such as throwing away garbage. Use the internet to understand the importance of natural resources and guide others about it. You can yourself arrange campaigns and seminars in schools and colleges as your step towards protecting the environment.

5. Conserve water

71% of Earth’s surface is covered with water but only 0.5% is fresh water that can be used by the whole population. This statistic shows how water conservation is a vital aspect of environment protection. When every drop counts, reducing your time in shower matters. Little things like turning the tap off while brushing your teeth can make a difference so make sure to do it.

6. Promote local recycling

When we are focusing on the micro-level policies, local recycling programs play a huge role in protecting the environment. It’s important that the whole community must join hands and move towards improving our surroundings.

How is a Local Recycling Program Helpful in Protecting the Environment?

You can organise a local recycling program by yourself and invite people from the community to join the venture. Everyone can bring their recyclable waste items, learn how to lead a sustainable life and protect the environment.

Here are the benefits of a local recycling program for electronics and IT recycling.

1. Crucial to natural resource preservation

A recycling program aims at protecting the environment by preserving natural resources. The idea is to reduce the need for mining new raw materials and instead utilise the already used ones.

All the electronics dumped in the trash have raw materials and metals that can be extracted and used in different industries. From plastics and glass to traces of metals such as silver and gold are extracted during the computer recycling procedure.  If you live in Bristol, for example, you can avail computer recycling Bristol services from local recyclers and play your part.

2. Recycling Saves Energy

It is important for environmental protection that we save up energy and decrease the amount of carbon emission in the environment. The more we adapt sustainability, the lesser energy we use. When recycling your old IT equipment, you reduce the chances of mining of resources and manufacture of new products. This way you save energy for a greener future.

3. Reduces the need for landfills

Electronic waste is dumped into landfills but if you are smart enough to go for e-waste recycling, you will save up space in the landfills. Such toxic waste releases harmful chemicals into the soil. These toxins seep into the nearby water body or released into the air. Thus, causes air and water pollution that is harmful to both human health and marine life.

4. Limits environmental pollution

Electronic waste leaves the environment polluted; a local recycling program can help you reduce such pollution. When the toxic waste will not reach the landfills, it will not pollute the soil, thus saving the planet from land pollution.

No toxins will be released into the nearest water body and water pollution will be avoided as well. You will also not be causing air pollution be reducing the carbon emission by going for IT recycling London (if you live in London)  instead of production of new electronics.

5. Protects animals and their habitat

Your local recycling program can help towards protecting the environment by saving the animals and their habitat, and saving them from going extinct.

Global warming directly impacts the natural habitat of animals such as the north pole for polar bears and the Amazon Forest for wildlife. All of the positive impacts of recycling on the environment eventually curb global warming and animals are protected.

6. Cost effective method of protecting the environment

Recycling saves money by reusing old materials instead of mining new resources. It allows you to revamp and reuse old electronics so that you don’t rely on new products that take a lot of energy and cost to be manufactured.


Only a sustainable environment can ensure a sustainable future. If we plan on leaving the planet in a good condition for the coming generations, it’s time to take the right steps. Recycling itself is an important phenomenon for protecting the environment but recycling electronics play a special role in dealing with toxic e-waste.

Get your old electronics recycled for a clean and green environment!